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At Avant guard security we are not limited to installing alarm systems in single storey homes.

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At Avant guard security we are not limited to installing alarm systems in single storey homes.   If you have a double storey home, we will happily send out one of our consultants who will advise you on your best options.  Unlike some of our competitors, our consultants are all experienced installers and service technicians.

Much like your electrician, our installers must be onsite cabling before the 1st storey slab is poured. In this Technical savvy day and age, wireless security systems are certainly an option, however it is recommended to hard wire everything that you possibly can.   Wireless alarm systems have to be maintained with expensive backup batteries that may cost more than $10 a sensor.   When your average home has over 10 windows and several motion sensors this can be an expensive task every couple of years.     Our Double storey Alarm Systems are the best Perth has to offer.  For more information on our equipment, please visit this link  As you will see, the options are endless when you purchase a Hills alarm system in Perth.

The other problem with wireless alarm system equipment is the increased cost of the initial installation.  Quite simply the equipment is far more expensive than the hard wired option. There are certain devices that must be hard wired, such as the external siren and the keypad/Arming station. This is also a timely reminder to ensure that you have all of your TV/Foxtel, data, phone points and of course an intercom system, before that 1st storey pad is poured.

At Avant guard security we don't just cable your home and then wait for you to call us for the fit off.   We will regularly check your home during the construction period ensuring that the integrity of our cabling is intact.

Where to From Here?

Building a home can be a daunting experience. At Avant Guard, we have tried to streamline the security side of things using our step by step process’s.

If you are worried about pushy sales persons, simply fill out this form and attach a copy of your house plans with a brief description of your requirements.   We will then send you an obligation free quotation.

Home Alarm Systems Perth : Updated 1st February 2017

So What Else do you need to cable?


it is also highly recommended that you pre wire your security cameras. Although it is possible to install CCTV cameras once your home is built, you will get far more out of your security cameras if they are installed at around 3 metres high as opposed to 5 metres. Quite simply cameras installed at 5 metres will see the tops of heads in comparison to 3 meters where the cameras will see faces

You may also wish to view your CCTV system from your family room TV through a spare HDMI input. If your family room is located downstairs, you will be unable to achieve this if the home is not pre wired.

Lastly, to live view your CCTV system from anywhere in the world will require a hard wired connection from your modem to your network video recorder. Once again this may not be possible if not pre cabled.

Intercom system

With intercom systems you must take into consideration how many internal & external stations you will require as well as how many doors or gates you may wish to control from your indoor stations. Therefore, it is essential that intercoms are fully pre wired during construction.

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