Dual Technology Sensors

The Dual Technology sensor employs two technologies; Microwave and Infra-red. This should be the choice for anyone that is able to stretch their budget. This sensor will not activate with air movement of small insects. It should be the only choice for warehouses, workshops and garages.

Infra-red & Microwave Alarm Sensors

The Dual tech sensor is also popular for people who may live alone as these sensors can be turned on at night (providing no one is moving around in front of them) Unlike the standard Infra-red sensor, air conditioning or heating can be left on and will not activate the Dual tech sensors.

Alarm System Installers Perth

To find out the best option for your property and requirements, please call and speak to one of our expert consultants who will be more than happy to advise. All our consultants are experienced installers so will be very well placed to assist you with selecting the most appropriate alarm or cctv system for your business or residential property.

Updated : 2nd February 2017