Avant Guard Security Alarm Systems Perth : FAQ

Some of the more generic faults you may experience with your system

In most cases this is a small switch on your external siren box. Due to being constantly exposed to the elements, it tends to deteriorate with the end result being regular false alarms. This switch will require replacing.

There are many reasons why the service light on your alarm system may be illuminated. To investigate the problem further, you will require a user manual and a master code, simply follow the prompts.In many cases, it may be something simple such as reprogramming the system clock. .

Most brands of Alarm systems will show either a flashing battery light or service light. If your system only shows a service light, then refer to your manual as before. All alarm systems installed by a professional Security company should meet Australian Standards and therefore shall contain a backup battery that will run your system for two days without mains power. Most batteries have an average life of 3 years, however its not unusual for them to last 5. Batteries tend to fault after lengthy or even short power cuts depending on their age.This is one you can solve yourself, if you have a key for your main panel.

You may have just moved into your new home or business and the old owner has failed to leave you a code for the system.The fix: You will require the services of a technician, as we will have to default your system and reprogram. In rare occasions the company that installed the alarm will have programmed a lockout code preventing anyone but themselves from reprogramming the system. This is an unethical practice as you own the system not them! If this is the case you can demand that they surrender the code to you free of charge.


Some Frequently asked Alarm Systems questions

Yes, all Avant Guard Security systems include an external siren and blue strobe. You will also receive an internal siren or otherwise known as a screamer, which emits 120 decibels, making staying inside the premises an extremely uncomfortable experience. One of the major benefits of a home security alarm.
It is advisable to purchase a larger system, such as 16 or more zones. For the sake of a couple of hundred more dollars you can purchase a 16 zone system as opposed to 8 zones. Once the 8 zone system is full, then the only alternative is to purchase a larger system along with a keypad(arming station) that can handle the extra zones. Choose wisely to avoid having to start over.
Absolutely, every piece of equipment we install complies fully and surpasses Australian Standards.
No contracts what so ever. At Avant Guard Security, what you see is what you get, no sneaky 60 month contracts. We do offer a weekly monitoring from only $7.70 "No contracts".
Our 'A Grade' control room is located in Malaga, Western Australia. Locally owned and operated!
Most certainly, don't be fooled by some unscrupulous insurance company salesman. All security companies in Australia should comply fully and meet insurance company requirements.
Home Alarm Systems Perth : Updated 2nd February 2017