Intercom systems Kenwei's unrivaled elegance and impressive feature set is evident once again with this intercom system operating over a simple two wire cable infrastructure.  This very popular system can also retro fit most older intercoms.   Customisable options and video memory configurations complete this Kenwei digital system as the best choice for your home or business.

Intercom Systems Perth

Your choice of 1 outdoor and 1 indoor station fully installed for only $895 including gst (based on a single storey home only with the outdoor unit being installed under the roof of the same building) You can add up to 4 stations, please contact us for a quote For larger installations such as apartments and units, please contact us to organise a consultant for an obligation free quotation.Why install an intercom? Intercoms play a far greater role in home security that some of us may think. With the baddy's now requiring your car keys to steal your car, entry into your home is all part of the process. Sometimes they will kick their way in and sometimes they simply knock. Knowing who is behind that door prior to opening it pivotal to your personal security. The statistics now show that nearly 40 percent of residential robberies are now home invasions, what a terrifying stat! How many of these victims actually opened the door to the bad guy?Our video intercoms even have an SD card slot that records any interaction between the front monitor and the internal station, a cheap alternative to Security cameras.


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