Passive Infra-Red motion sensor (PIR) . The PIR sensor simply picks up the movement of difference in temperature. You will notice that if you stand still in front of your sensor it will not activate and when you move, the LED illuminates. This is the most common device that is installed on most alarm systems. It is not always the best choice and should not be installed in areas such as warehouses, sleep outs, garages and workshops as air movement will activate this sensor. Many people think that when they leave a window slightly open and the alarm system has triggered, that it is the blinds or curtains that have activated the sensor, whereas it was simply the cooler or warmer air entering the room. This sensor is prone to activating with small insects and any air movement that involves a temperature difference.

Pet Movement Sensors

Some of the more unscrupulous Alarm system companies will sell this sensor to you as a reliable Pet sensor. In all fairness to them, the Sensor does boast that it will not pick up anything under 20 kg's. The Companies that manufacture the sensors make this claim based on height. What happens when a Cat jumps up on furniture or the Kitchen bench? How does an ant or moth activate a Pet sensor that will not pick up anything under 20kg's?

To summarise Motion sensors are a great device but are certainly prone to activating thanks to the elements. These are not false alarms as they are simply doing their job. If you can afford to do so, taking the leap to a Dual Technology sensor is a very smart move. Dual Technology sensors require both the movement of mass and temperature difference before activating. Call to find out more about how Avant Guard Security can help secure your home or business.

Perth Home Security Systems : Updated February 2017