Perimeter Alarm Systems

There can be no greater piece of mind than turning on your home alarm system and going Perimeter Alarm systemsto bed knowing that no-one is sneaking around your home undetected while you sleep.

Sadly, since the introduction of compulsory car immobilizers, this is an all too regular crime as the baddies now need your keys to steal your car. Unfortunately our safety comes a distant second according to greedy insurance companies.

Tying your house up in chains is not a realistic option, however installing almost impenetrable perimeter sensors on all doors and windows is! Get a quote now 

Risco Shocktec Window/Door Sensor

Risco ShocktecThis superior Perimeter sensor from Hills boasts dual technology that not only picks up vibration when force is used against your windows but also a magnet that detects the moment the Door or Window is opened gently.







So how does a Perimeter Alarm System work?

9202246Firstly, we must still install motion sensors inside your home as well as the sensors on your Doors and Windows.  Secondly, we program your system so that when you Arm your system with one button, all doors, windows and internal sensors turn on.    When you Arm your alarm system at night time, only the window and door sensors activate.   This allows you to move around your house freely, knowing the perimeter cannot be breached without activating your Alarm system.

Enquire now about our Perimeter Alarm Systems. If you do not have time to meet with one of our consultants, simply go to our Get a Quote page and attach the plans of your home and we will provide you with a full quotation within 24 hours.

Perimeter systems are our business, don't put the safety of your family in the hands of an amateur!