Alarm System Perimeter Sensors

Reed switch/Door contact

This is one of the oldest yet most effective sensors to be installed on alarm systems. It is a two-part device, where one is installed on the door or window frame and the other on the door or moving part of the window. Quite simply when the two part, the device activates the alarm system. This sensor is still very popular as it rarely false alarms, unlike other perimeter sensors. Many people still choose the Reed switch over vibration sensors as it is rare for most burglars to smash their way into your home whilst you sleep. In most cases they tend to gently force open windows and doors as not to disturb you from your beauty sleep.

Vibration sensors

This is also a very popular technology. As the name suggests when force is used against your door or window, the vibration sensor will activate. The downside with Vibration sensors is, there is a fine line between frequent false alarms due to thunder, air traffic and even internal house noise in smaller rooms. They do tend to require more attention than other devices as the circuit boards tend to rust due to the moisture they absorb through the window frame.

Combination Reed switch and Vibration sensor

This Risco sensor is two devices in one, making breaching the perimeter of your home almost impossible. At Avant Guard Security, this would be our most popular perimeter alarm system accessory. In some cases your window frame may not accommodate the Magnet, so a site inspection may be required to ensure we can install this device.


Security Companies Perth : Updated 1st February 2017